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Talk Louisiana with Jim Engster

Franz Sedelmayer talks about his book, “Welcome to Putingrad.” Sedelmayer is believed to be the only person to win a battle in Russia with Vladimir Putin.

The Source

Franz J Sedelmayer and John Weisman - Welcome To Putingrad

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Franz Sedelmayer is the only indvidual ever to collect money from Vladimir Putin‘s Russia. He shares this experience and a look at the corruption of Putin‘s government in his book „Welcome to Putingrad“.

1320 WILS

Franz Sedelmayer, the author of “Welcome to Putingrad”, speaks with Rich on his memoir, his time in Russia and his precedent-shattering case against President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation.

Author Story with Alexandar Lim

Franz Sedelmayer: The Man Who Knew Vladimir Putin & His Experience Doing Business with Russia

The Halli Casser-Jayne Show

Vladimir Putin, Thomas Jefferson, Barack Obama, Donald J. Trump, which is the Hottest Head of State?