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By Franz J. Sedelmayer with John Weisman
The Incredible Story of the Only Man to Collect Money from Vladimir Putin

  • Author: Franz J. Sedelmayer with John Weisman
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  • Devices: Mac, Android, Windows, Kindle
  • Genre: Nonfiction Biography
  • Age: 18 and up
  • Length: 18 Chapters with color section
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-0-9990783-3-4
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In 1989 Franz Sedelmayer, a young German enterpreneur, went to St. Petersburg Russia where he built a police supply and training company. One of his biggest supporters was St. Petersburg’s young deputy mayor, a former KGB lieutenant colonel named Vladimir Putin. The two bonded. Then Franz’s holdings in Russia were expropriated. His multimillion-dollar investment lost, Franz was hounded out of Russia. Putin, ambitious, political, and ruthless, let it happen. And because he did, he landed his first Moscow post. Franz sought arbitration in Sweden and won —but Russia refused to pay damages. Franz foreclosed on Russian state property in Western Europe. To stop him, Moscow brought over 100 court cases. But it failed. Franz is the ONLY individual ever to collect money from Putin’s Russia.

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